Who We Are

Smart Wealth Management & Investment Corp. is a Canadian  based company that invests globally and across all asset classes.

As fiduciary advisor, interests of our client come first, and our service offering is tailored to meet the specific needs of every business partner with whom we work.

With deep expertise in managing private assets, our team is very adept at selecting and managing investments and has a track record of generating profitable outcomes for shareholders.

We bring capital along with significant industry experience and knowledge to assist in the growth and development of the businesses we invest in. 

We operate our business with a strong focus on our client’s wealth, so we can provide you with a high-quality, professional service. Whether you are looking for strategic investment planning and management, advice on securities, assistance with asset allocation, portfolio construction or securities trading, we can help.

We bring extensive investing and company-building expertise to every investment project – an integrated, specifically unique, team-based approach to accelerating and scaling growth.